Online Learning for Bengali Medium School Students

Our offering: ‘Target89’: Vernacular Medium and aspirational supplementary QUALITY e-Tuition for School students at an affordable cost.  

  • Live sessions. Every day. Delivered online.

  • Story telling to deep domain dive.

  • Beyond curriculum – Communication & Creative games.

  • Anytime anywhere App (LMS) based delivery.

Conforming to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and India CSR Act’2013.

Target groups:

  1. Vernacular medium school students in West Bengal to begin with and subsequently other states in East India.

  2. Secondary students: Class VI- X.: Approx. 80L students in West Bengal alone.

  3. Planned subsequent expansion to other states in Eastern India.


  1. Private Tuition is most popular in the eastern states. Source: ASER-2021

  2. Learning Poverty: Only 50.3% of Class V children (India Rural) can read a Class II level text. Source: ASER.

  3. Parents spending money on tuition, but not getting quality.

Our motto:

  1. Leave no one behind.

  2. Technology as Common Good.

  3. Access. Affordability. Quality.

Current offering: Target89

With the outbreak of Covid in 2020, we decided to migrate from Physical delivery to Digital App-based delivery:

  1. 2020-Experimented with Digital delivery models.

  2. Feb’2021: Rolled out ‘Moodle’ based LMS App ‘Target89’ towards providing digital tuition and supplementary programs.

  3. May’2021 onwards: pilot delivery commenced with 350 students.

Delivery through LMS (Learning management system) Target89 App:

Didactics & pedagogy (building further to our work since 2016): 

  • Engagement through Story boarding & domain contents.

  • Live sessions every day – adopting ‘Teaching Assistant’ model of IITs.

  • Deeper ‘engagements’ by involving actual students as part of the learning modules.

  • Continuous and summative assessments.

  • Semester wise feedback / analytics to parents.

Desired outcome:

What have we done so far:

  • Team of 23 deployed since last 15 months.

  • Learning modules developed so far – 278

  • Content Digitization progress – 35%

  • ‘Target89’ LMS App launched with rapid scalable IT architecture.

  • Pilot delivery underway since Sept’21 with 350 students.